Wong Chuk Hang

 MG 1417

When I lived in Hong Kong, Wong Chuk Hang was just the location of the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine which was difficult to get to too, even by car from the Chinese University. Now though, given its easy access by MTR to Admiralty, it is apparently the place for art galleries and trendy cafes, but I saw little of these when I came out of Exit A1. I saw the old style multistory factory buildings and wide empty roads. I did see a disproportionate number of suited Westerners and wondered what they were doing in this industrial area, so now I guess it is all because of the new South Island Line?

This station is up high and remote from whats going on below.

 MG 1424

Here is the view to the right of Exit A1

 MG 1426

Here is the view to the left o Exit A1

 MG 1435

The view straight across from Exit A1

 MG 1421

And, the view looking back at the base of the station where Guardforce were doing their thing!

 MG 1459 MG 1457

 MG 1441 MG 1450

I did not walk too far from the station as I could not see much of interest at street level, except for a few wall paintings, and by now it was very hot indeed. These streets were hard and unwelcoming to those who did not know this was the hip place to be!

 MG 1453

 MG 1444

On returning to Wong Chuk Hang station, I noticed a decaying metal sencil sculture hanging from the ceiling, producing a lovely shadow on the pavement below.

 MG 1462 MG 1465

The major delight of the new MTR lines is the provision of toilets! Conveniences were not included in the original lines, in part because of the problems of drainage with the lines being so deep underground. But the South Island Line (and the Ma On Shan Line) is overground and the MTR has understood passenger needs! A simple but effective way to improve customer satisfaction!

 MG 1468

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