MG 1023

Jordan MTR station is on the Tsuen Wan Line, and takes you to an older part of Nathan Road.  Despite being just one stop north of Tsim Sha Tsui, the 'old' outnumber the glossy 'new' aspects of Hong Kong here.

Exit A of Jordan MTR station takes you straight to a busy crossroads on Nathan Road.

 MG 1030 1 2

Looking rightwards (south) from Exit A of Jordan MTR station.

 MG 1033 4 5

Looking across Nathan Road…...

 MG 1042 3 4

…… and looking leftwards (north) from Exit A of Jordan MTR station.

 MG 1045 6 7

People here are preoccupied …...

 MG 1055

 MG 1053

 MG 1091

 MG 1126

…… or busy riding their bikes!

 MG 1056

 MG 1081

 MG 1089

Or delivering goods using the ubiquitous rusty trolley …...

 MG 1082

 MG 1063

 MG 1088

The older buildings here have a great style and are far more interesting than the newer skyscrapers.

 MG 1093 4 5

 MG 1100 1 2

 MG 1109 10 11

 MG 1106 7 8

In Hong Kong, one can be caught out by signs like this on the street; they could be advertising a new restaurant or a birthday party, or a memorial service?  I will never know.

 MG 1115

But this sign/advertisement needs no translation.

 MG 1127

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