Nam Cheong

 MG 8446

Nam Cheong MTR station is an interchange station for the West Rail Line and the Tung Chung Line.

As you walk towards Exit A, you can see these shiny blobs on the ceiling, made by Lee Chin Fai.  They almost look like silver greyhounds running from right to left.

 MG 8461

 MG 8452

My congratulations to MTR for their Art in Station Architecture project; this added an extra something to my exploration of all the MTR's Exit A1's.

 MG 8455

Heading out from Exit A of Nam Cheong MTR station.

 MG 8465

Looking rightwards as you head out of the construction site aroung Nam Cheong MTR station.

 MG 8468

Looking back towards Exit A of Nam Cheong MTR station…….

 MG 8479

 MG 8494

 MG 8483

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