MG 0273 4 5

The Racecourse MTR station serves only the Sha Tin Racecourse, so is only open on race days and other special occasions.  Here is the walkway over Tolo Highway, linking the Racecourse MTR station and the racecourse across the road.

 MG 0282 3 4

At the midpoint on the walkway, looking rightwards which is south towards Shatin.

 MG 0276 7 8

At the midpoint on the walkway, looking leftwards which is north towards the hills of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. The half-dome canopy on the right of the road covers the race course paddock. 

 MG 0288 89 90

 MG 0294 5 6

Spotted these 'horses' through the netting guarding the racecourse.

 MG 0303 4 5

Waiting on the platform of Racecourse MTR station; are we too early today?

 MG 0312 3 4

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