AsiaWorld Expo

AsiaWorld Expo is one of two convention and exhibition facilities in Hong Kong, and it has its own MTR station at the very end of the Airport Express Line.

 MG 8824 5 6

Walking along the long walkway to Exit A, is a good spot for plane spotting.

 MG 8833

 MG 8839 40 41

 MG 8842 3 4

As there are no exhibitions/shows on today, this place is a ghost town.

 MG 8845 6 7

The only place to go after leaving through Exit A is the hot exterior.

 MG 8848 49 50

The car park is surrounded by bushes standing to attention.

 MG 8875 6 7

Looking back towards the entrance to AsiaWorld Expo.

 MG 8866 7 8

And a reminder that this is a restricted zone.

 MG 8854 5 6

 MG 8869 70 71

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