Tai Po Market

 MG 0203 4 5

When you come out of Exit A1 of Tai Po Market MTR station, you are surrounded by shopping options.

 MG 0212 3 4

 MG 0221 2 3

Here is an example of MTR Station Art; a beautiful lotus leaf resting on a bolder.

 MG 0215 6 7

These two young girls were some of the few people who agreed to be photographed; my thanks to you if you ever see these pictures!

 MG 0255

Looking back towards Tai Po Market MTR station entrance.  Some where near here is the Hong Kong Railway Museum.

 MG 0209 10 11

Back on the Tai Po Market MTR station platform, looking out to the multitude of housing blocks in the distance.

 MG 0256 7 8

Some of the MTR platforms show old photos of the local area in the past; these are well worth a few moments to look at.

 MG 0261 2 3

Here is a close-up of a New Territories village lady chopping sugar cane or bamboo?

 MG 0264 5 6

And, these are the Government Housing complexes which replaced the farm land.

 MG 0267 8 9

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