Tsuen Wan West

 MG 7737 5 6

Tsuen Wan West MTR station is on the West Rail Line.

Exit A1 takes you straight into the public transport interchange, i.e., the bus station.

 MG 7738 39 40

 MG 7747 8 9

And these chairs were the most interesting things in view from Exit A1 of Tsuen Wan West MTR station.

 MG 7741 2 3

So, I headed outside via Exit D towards Tsuen Wan pier and the waterfront walkway.

 MG 7750 1 2

Although it was a rather dull February morning, there were people milling around on this Sunday looking for ferries to take them away.

 MG 7753 4 5

A surprising number of fishermen and fisherwomen were trying their luck, but I did not see any fish being landed.

 MG 7804 5 6

This is a great place for a walk along the sea front, looking across at Tsing Yi island and watching the working boats (trawlers) coming in. The beautiful Ting Kau Bridge shimmers in the distance.

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 MG 7756 7 8

 MG 7780 1 2

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Back strolling in front of Exit C1/2, you can see the newer side of Tsuen Wan West including the Nina Tower.

 MG 7765 6 7

Continuing alone the Waterfront Walkway I found a 'Cultural Exhibition' promoting local heritage.  This photo celebrates the bamboo scaffolding still used in modern Hong Kong.

 MG 7774 5 6

Seating arrangements were unusual, depicting the Horseshoe Crab.

 MG 7795 6 7

If you look at the pictographs on this sign board, can you figure out what they stand for? 

 MG 7813 4 5

I didn't see many pets on this trip and really wasn't sure what this sign meant.  Still, that's the joy of travelling around Hong Kong!

 MG 7825 6 7

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