Tai Wai

 MG 0494 5 6

Tai Wai MTR station has recently become a major interchange station with the Ma On Shan Line, so take a look there for some interesting station art.

Exit A of Tai Wai MTR station takes passengers onto Tsuen Nam Road.

 MG 0497 8 9

MTR exits are always popular places to meet friends.

 MG 0543 4 5

Walking out on to Tsuen Nam Road, most people seem to continue walking forwards towards the shops.

 MG 0502 3 4

Looking left from Exit A of Tai Wai MTR station, you might think this is a singer…...

 MG 0508 09 10

…… but I think he was drumming up business for a political cause.

 MG 0511 2 3

Now this shop must be one of the reasons to cross Tsuen Nam Road.

 MG 0514 5 6

The barbecued meats looked so tasty…...

 MG 0534 5 6

……. but the stall keepers were reluctant to have their photographs taken.

 MG 0531

I think this photo is taken looking further along to the left from Exit A

 MG 0523 4 5

while here we see the right hand side of Exit A, colour coordinated with the internal colours of Tai Wai MTR station.

 MG 0540 1 2

 MG 0526 7 8

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