Che Kung Temple

The platform depiction of Che Kung Temple really does not prepare you for the wonderful sight you will see later.

 MG 6463 4 5-2

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Out of Che Kung Temple MTR Exit A and you over towards the Hong Kong Heritage Museum (on the right).

 MG 6466 7 8-2

Looking in the other direction from Exit A…...

 MG 6469 70 71

Looking up towards the MTR train tracks…...

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This is the glorious Exit A which at ground level takes you straight into a construction site.

 MG 6478 79 80

 MG 6482 3

 MG 6485 6 4

Under the train tracks and storage of what?   Whatever is under these covers, they look like they have been there for a very long time.  In the near distance is the Shing Mun river, so I head off to the right to visit the Che Kung Temple.

 MG 6487 8 9

Along the river I spot more cameramen; I think they are laughing at my photographing them, or are they laughing at the pathetic length of my zoom lens????

 MG 6493 4 5

And, this is what they were looking at in the bushes across the river…….

 MG 6491

The Shing Mun river flows here towards Shatin in the distance.

 MG 6498 499 500

The Che Kung Temple

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Che Kung was a Sung Dynasty general who was deified for his devotion to the people of Tin Sam (now part of greater Shatin).  The villagers built the original temple over 100 years ago, but most of what you see here was rebuilt in 1993.

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The Che Kung Temple is known for its brass windmills, which worshippers turn to bring good luck. These more decorative windmills are popular purchases by visitors to the temple at Chinese New Year.

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You cannot visit a Chinese temple without being overwhelmed by the smell of insense.  Hanging from the ceiling here are larged coiled incense sticks, with their own 'ash trays'.

 MG 6548 49 50

Some very large insense sticks at the entrance to the temple.

 MG 6557 8 9

Is this Che Kung?

 MG 6560 1 2

Offerings left by worshippers.

 MG 6563

Beneath the roof are beautiful carvings; far too many to photograph.

 MG 6537 8 9

In the temple courtyard, I was surprised by the lack of digital devices, and the intensity of the worshippers. I guess the less intense worshippers sit around the edge of the courtyard in front of the fortune tellers?

 MG 6581 2 3

Che Kung Temple; well worth a visit.

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