Tsing Yi

Tsing Yi MTR station is on its own island.  The station livery is cyan, but I haven't quite managed to match the colour here.

 MG 8639 40 41

Exit A1 of Tsing Yi MTR station is for the transport interchange (buses, taxis, etc).

 MG 8645 6 7

If you look upwards, you see some MTR Art Installations flying high above.

 MG 8642 3 4

Turning right out of Exit A1 of Tsing Yi MTR station.

 MG 8648 49 50

And, looking left out of Tsing Yi MTR station.

 MG 8651 2 3

Just looking at textures and colours!

 MG 8654 5 6

Looking down below the tracks…….

 MG 8657 8 9

 MG 8660 1 2

And, just around the corner…….

Looking across the sea towards Tsuen Wan.

 MG 8666 7 8

Under the shade of the bridge, people are exercising by walking, jogging or performing Tai Chi.

 MG 8669 70 71

Further across the sea you can see the cemetery on the hill in the distance.

 MG 8675 6 7

A closer view of the cemetery.

 MG 8678 79 80

Looking even further around to the right.

 MG 8684 5 6

And, back into Tsing Yi MTR station to continue my journey.

 MG 8687 8 9

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