Sheung Shui

 MG 0045 6 7

Exit A1 from Sheung Shui MTR station must have been dismal, as most photos here were taken outside and around Exit C.

 MG 0092 3 4

This is Exit C of Sheung Shui MTR station which is the penultimate northbound station before the Chinese border stations.  As you will see below, this is a transport hub for traders.

 MG 0048 49 50

Green taxis travel within the New Territories only, while red taxis can take passengers down to Kowloon and Hong Kong island.

 MG 0051 2 3

At ground level outside Sheung Shui MTR station

 MG 0054 5 6

 MG 0057 8 9

Looking leftwards from Sheung Shui MTR station along Choi Yuen Road.

 MG 0060 1 2

Looking rightwards from Sheung Shui MTR station along Choi Yuen Road.

 MG 0063 4 5

People milling around Sheung Shui MTR station entrance:

 MG 0073

 MG 0074

 MG 0078

 MG 0081

One of the walkways across the road taking you out of Sheung Shui MTR station.

 MG 0100 1 2

This is a cleaning lady dressed in a composite of official 'cleaners clothes' and the modified wicker hat of New Territories villagers.  These hats are ideal for keeping the sun and the rain off.  Notice how she is separating paper and other waste.

 MG 0103

 MG 0104

 MG 0106

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