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If you have the chance to travel around Hong Kong (pre-2014) on the wonderfully efficient Mass Transit Railway (MTR), you may notice the varied faces of people getting on and off at one of the 84 stations.  Hong Kong is made up of people living and working in many districts, each with a unique character, and this is what I hope to have captured in this collection of photos.  

So, I set out on spare days from April 2012 to April 2013 to photograph the people and the environment around these 84 MTR stations.  Because most of the photos were taken on Sundays, then the range of people might appear different than expected from the normal work days, but these people are more likely to represent the local community.  To my disappointment, and despite using my best Cantonese, many shopkeepers didn't want me to take their photos.  So, many thanks to those of you who did smile at my camera!

To limit this otherwise overwhelming project, I have focussed on just one exit per station, that is Exit A1.  As a result, some of the iconic images of Hong Kong may be missing, but sometimes I have wandered a little from Exit A1 to find something of specific interest.  And in other cases, Exit A1 goes straight into a shopping mall, in which case I have chosen the nearest exit out onto the streets.

In all cases, I tried to remember to take a photo leaving the station, looking left, looking right, and looking back at the station exit. And then I just wandered the nearby streets to see what was there. I had frequent travelled underneath these stations, but rarely ventured outside unless that was by destination. This Exit A1 project really did allow me to discover so much more about Hong Kong. Of course there is still much of Hong Kong which is not accessible by MTR, but that would have taken more time than I had.

In late December 2014, 2 new stations were opened on the Island Line; the beginnings of extensions out to the western side of Hong Kong island. So, a few new pages of photos have now been added (January 2015). Now it is April 2015 and the last new station on the Island Line (Sai Ying Pun) has opened, so my collection is complete just before I am due to retire from Hong Kong on 31st July 2015.

It is now September 2018 and time to extend my collection after a recent visit back to Hong Kong. The Kwun Tong Line has been extended, adding 2 more stations, and there is a completely new South Island Line adding a further 4 more stations. 

So, now the Exit A1 project covers 92 MTR stations in total! To explore them all for yourself, please click here for the Index page and access to 11 MTR lines.

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