Lok Ma Chau

 MG 1809 painterly

As with Lo Wu MTR station, there is no Exit A1 from Lok Ma Chau MTR station.  This is a newer border crossing station into mainland China from Hong Kong.  As I had no Chinese visa at this time, I could not get out of this station but just took some photos from the platform while waiting for the return train to take me south.

 MG 1814 5 6 painterly

 MG 1829 30 31 painterly

The land mass around Lok Ma Chau MTR station is still rural, at least when looking in this direction.

 MG 1823 4 5 painterly

But when looking in this direction, you see the new highrises of Lok Ma Chau.

 MG 1847 8 9 painterly

Here is a summary of the East Rail Line.

 MG 1866 7 8 painterly

This is the only exit from Lok Ma Chau MTR station.  From here you get onto the Shenzhen Metro for seemless travel between Hong Kong and mainland China.

 MG 1872 painterly

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