Hung Hom

 MG 0623 4 5

Hung Hom MTR station is the southern terminus of the East Rail Line, in the heart of Kowloon.  You can get the non-stop Hong Kong - Guangzhou train from around the corner after going through immigration control.

Exit A leads to a footbridge for the public transport interchange.

 MG 0667 8 9

From here you can look left towards the toll booths for the cross-harbour tunnel.

 MG 0631 2 3

And as you pan across a little further……

 MG 0634 5 6

and moving towards the centre of the walkway……

 MG 0637 8 9

…… you see incongruity of the advertising hoardings as you slow down to get to the glossy skyscrapers                   of Hong Kong island.

 MG 0664 5 6

If you look right out of Exit A you see to different skyline of the Kowloon peninsula.

 MG 0643 4 5

As a bus passenger though, you don't take in much of your surroundings as you contemplate; "Is this the right queue?" and "Would it be quicker if I took a different bus?”

 MG 0649

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