Tiu Keng Leng

 MG 5070

Tiu Keng Leng MTR station is the eastern terminus of the Kwun Tong Line and an interchange station with the Tseung Kwan O Line.  As with the previous two stations on the Kwun Tong Line, this also has Chinese calligraphy on the platform walls (did I really miss all such features on the other station platforms?).  Tiu Keng Leng used to be known as Rennies Mill; a squatter camp of Nationalist supporters which was demolished to make way for this huge housing development.

 MG 5067

Coming out of Exit A1 of Tiu Keng Leng MTR station there are these striking concrete monuments serving some purpose I presume?

 MG 5073 4 5

 MG 5079 80 81

Looking back at Exit A1 of Tiu Keng Leng MTR station.

 MG 5085 6 7

 MG 5082

Wandering around the corner to see what else is around here.

 MG 5094

 MG 5115

And I discover the Hong Kong Design Institute; a thoroughly overdesigned building.

 MG 5100

 MG 5109

 MG 5106 7 8

 MG 5118

 MG 5121

 MG 5124

 MG 5151 2 3

 MG 5148

 MG 5091

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