Mong Kok East

Mong Kok East MTR station has no Exit A!  Now that was a surprise; guess it must have been lost in one of the rebuilding projects for this station.

 MG 0571 2 3
 MG 0574 5 6

I had though that only the Island Line had added Chinese calligraphy versions of the station names, but these can also be found on the East Rail Line where the floral designs tend to distract the eye.  But, what is the meaning of 'SAD' on this platform structure?

 MG 0577 8 9

With no Exit A, I chose to leave Mong Kok East MTR station via Exit B.

 MG 0583 4 5

This is a confused area of bus and taxi stops, along with a waste collection point.

 MG 0591 2 3

For older persons in Hong Kong, recycling of cardboard boxes is income-generating.  So, if industrial scale recycling was introduced, many people would lose a source of income and the Government would finally have to put its mind behind a proper pension scheme for those who built this place to what it is today.

 MG 0580

Looking to the right out of Exit B and you see Grand Century Plaza.  Tourists will know this direction as it leads to Flower Street and the Bird Market.

 MG 0594 5 6

Looking to the left out of Exit B and you see old Hong Kong, with the shiny new dome-topped Langham Place in the distance.

 MG 0597 8 9

I am hoping this bamboo-scaffolded corner house is being renovated as it has a character missing in many of the apartment blocks around here.

 MG 0603 4 5

Here is an example of MTR Art Installations; the ceiling was swarming with these objects.

 MG 0617 8 9

 MG 0614 5 6

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