Sai Ying Pun

Sai Ying Pun MTR station was the last to be opened on the Island Line, and elegantly demonstrates the shiney newness of the station below ground with the old Hong Kong above ground.

IMG 1363

IMG 1367

Here is the view as you come out of Exit A1 of Sai Ying Pun MTR station onto Queen’s Road West:

IMG 1368 69 70

Looking leftwards:

IMG 1371 2 3

Looking rightwards:

IMG 1449 50 51

And, looking back towards the station Exit A1:

IMG 1443 4 5

If you head leftwards along Queen’s Road West, you will find many stores selling dried goods, but not everything is readily identifiable! 

IMG 1386 7 8

IMG 1402

IMG 1410

IMG 1413

Turning down a side street to the left and the small of dried fish was overwhelming. Originally, this area would have been much closer to the harbour, hence the trade in fish products.

IMG 1389

In keeping with the dried goods theme, here are some pistachio nuts left out to dry.

IMG 1392

And, the baskets that might be used in the drying process?

IMG 1404

And, here are two young men also hanging out!

IMG 1399

Street graffiti is a rare sight in Hong Kong, but Wilmer Street seemed to have more than enough.

IMG 1380

IMG 1407

Now Queen’s Road West is where you go to buy gifts for the dead; paper goods of things the deceased will need in their new life.

IMG 1416

IMG 1431

IMG 1437

Finally, some images which kind of sum up the old-new dichotomy of Hong Kong:

IMG 1428

IMG 1434

IMG 1440

IMG 1374

IMG 1419

IMG 1455

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