Ho Man Tin

 MG 1001

Ho Man Tin is a new station on the extended Kwun Tong Line, and it is very deep under ground!

 MG 0935 MG 0995

Here is the view of Exit A1, with a striking old building straight ahead to contrast with the gleaming new station.

 MG 0939-HDR

So, the view immediately outside of Exit A1 was a jumbled mixture of old buildings and a building site.

 MG 0943 MG 0940

 MG 0946

So I walked further to a main road junction, and could see that this was a huge residential area, in part supplying student accommodation for Hong Kong Polytechnic University students.

 MG 0955

Looking right from the junction…

 MG 0949

Looking left from the junction…

 MG 0980

Looking back at the station entrance from the junction….

 MG 0970

And looking right from the junction but standing in the middle of the road!

 MG 0958

Despite the amount of building here, there are still touches of greenery around, including these lovely ‘wall trees’ as they are known.

 MG 0973 MG 0976

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