Lam Tin

 MG 5208

Lam Tin MTR station is on the Kwun Tong Line.  I have included this photo of the station name in Chinese calligraphy style because I had thought this was reserved for stations along the Island Line, so am surprised to find it here.

 MG 5214

Food stuffs enroute to Exit A.

 MG 5223

 MG 5313

Exit A of Lam Tin MTR station goes to Kai Tin Road with steps up to Kai Tin Estate.

 MG 5229

Around Exit A of Lam Tin MTR station.

 MG 5241

 MG 5244

 MG 5232

This area seems to be the preserve of elderly gentlemen.  Some are scraping by with their trade as a cobbler, but they have no shop or shelter, just a spot under the stairway.

 MG 5247

 MG 5253

Across the road and men sleep, chat, and play Chinese chess …...

 MG 5265

 MG 5274

 MG 5277

…… while everyone else goes about their quite lives.

 MG 5283

 MG 5292

 MG 5286

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