Mei Foo

 MG 6834 5 6

Mei Foo MTR station is an interchange station on the West Rail Line and the Tsuen Wan Line.

Exit A out of Mei Foo MTR station takes you onto Broadway, and here is the view on exiting the station.

 MG 6840 1 2

This is the view looking back across the road out of Exit A, and a close-up of the transport facility as it is called…...

 MG 6843 4 5

 MG 6849 50 51

…… and this is the view turning leftwards and looking back at Exit A of Mei Foo MTR station.

 MG 6846 7 8

Although this was a Sunday, there were plenty of people milling around, so I walked a little further to take a closer look at life around Mei Foo MTR Exit A.  The following pictures show many of the sights of a typical Hong Kong community built around old housing estates, so I have included them here for the record.

Shops here seem to know no boundaries, and the fruit stall adds some colour to the drab grey concrete and small brown tile-covered walls which seem to be everywhere.

 MG 6852 3 4

Venturing up some stairs I spot a typical blue-and-white plastic/canvas bag being used to transport who knows what?

 MG 6864 5 6

And this is where the blue-and-white bag came from; the public space immediately over the station and shops below.  Because this is around Chinese New Year, you can see the red lanterns hanging over the steps,  the typical God of Whealth brightening up the concrete park decorations, and the posters adorning the front door into a building..

 MG 6870 1 2

 MG 6885 6 7

 MG 6888 89 90

There were a variety of shops on this upper level.  Here is a Chinese medicine shop which is using the space outside to dry off what exactly?  Does anyone know?

 MG 6900 1 2

 MG 6891 2 3

 MG 6894

Back downstairs at street level, heading leftwards from Exit A of Mei Foo MTR station.  So, how many people does it take to lay a pipe?

 MG 6903

Actually, this cake shop was a major find, selling delicious bite-sized coconut cakes.

 MG 6966 7 8

Turning into the market space under the housing estate, one is confronted by another sight of special interest.  Again, a shop owner is using any available space to further his/her business.  Here we have ducks hanging out to dry in no-mans land.

 MG 6909

And this is the shop front with really delicious-looking poultry and Chinese sausages.

 MG 6927 8 9

These small chickens are in fact pigeons!

 MG 6913

And these greasy objects are pressed ducks!

 MG 6918

Further around the corner is another dried food stall, here specialising in dried seafood.

 MG 6924 5 6

And around another corner you can see the interesting architecture which links up the market shop area with the housing estate above.

 MG 6933 4 5

As I continue back to the main street, I discover yet another meat stall.  This one has barbecued meats in addition to dried poultry and Chinese sausages.

 MG 6939 40 41

Every single space is used in this area; here a small cupboard under the arches turns out to be a cobblers shop.

 MG 6945 6 7

Walking further away from the market under the housing estate, I came across an organic vegetable market under a flyover.  I would have loved to have bought something in return for this lovely lady posing for this photograph, but I couldn't carry vegetables and take photos, and this was only my first station of the day.

 MG 6948 49 50

Sometimes even the most mundane structural items have their own special beauty, as seen with these air ducts.

 MG 6957 8 9

The open streets of Hong Kong are kept clean by the hard work of the street sweepers; can't say the same for the back alleys though.

 MG 6960 1 2

I do not know what this pink rabbit represents, but it made a welcome contribution to the otherwise grey nature of the streets immediately outside Exit A of Mei Foo MTR station.

 MG 6969

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