Tuen Mun

 MG 8269

Tuen Mun MTR station is the western most station on the West Rail Line; so it is the start of the line or the end of the line depending on your point of view.

Again, depending on your point of view, this intriguing MTR art is a wooden slug …...

 MG 8272

…… or a railway track!

 MG 8263 4 5

Exit A of Tuen Mun MTR station takes you down to Pui To Road, but why does it have to look like the entrance to a public lavatory.

 MG 8275 6 7

Once you get outside from Exit A of Tuen Mun MTR station, you find yourself in the heart of industrial Hong Kong, with factory buildings alongside the Tuen Mun river.

 MG 8278 79 80

 MG 8281 2 3

 MG 8284 5 6

 MG 8290 1 2

Since there wasn't much in the way of street life by Exit A of Tuen Mun MTR station, I crossed the river and saw a sign for Tuen Mun Tin Hau Temple.  

Here are some images enroute to the temple.

 MG 8305 6 7

 MG 8308

 MG 8311

 MG 8381

 MG 8314 5 6

 MG 8320 1 2

 MG 8323

And coming into view here is the Hau Kok Tin Hau Temple.  A major beautification scheme was started here in 2011, and is still ongoing.

 MG 8326 7 8

When this Tin Hau temple was built in 1637 it was on the seashore.  Now it is marooned inland as land was reclaimed for manufacturing industries (also a thing of the past). The temple was rebuilt in 1989 but I could not read enough Chinese to figure out which bits here are original.

 MG 8332 3 4

 MG 8335

 MG 8338 39 40

 MG 8344 5 6

 MG 8362 3 4

 MG 8368 69 70

 MG 8359

 MG 8353

 MG 8341

Walking back to Tuen Mun MTR station, you can still see signs of the more rural New Territories, with banana trees growing wild.

 MG 8371 2 3

Closer to Tuen Mun MTR station I saw these two pieces of wall art; such street art is rare in Hong Kong.  

Can anyone tell me what they say?

 MG 8377

 MG 8380

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