Kam Sheung Road

 MG 7831 2 3

Kam Sheung Road MTR station is on the west Rail Line, between Pat Heung and Kam  Tin.

Looking straight out from Exit A (at a Park and Ride????).

 MG 7837 8 9

Looking leftwards out of Exit A of Kam Sheung Road MTR station…...

 MG 7834 5 6

……and looking rightwards towards the MTR Kam Tin Building.

 MG 7840 1 2

Now the purpose of this project was to focus on life around Exit A1 of the MTR stations, but with nothing going on here, I ventured out of Exit B to see what was on the other side.

 MG 7849 50 51

Do you think the columns over Exit B were designed to mirror the palm trees?

 MG 7852 3 4

Heading towards the village over a bridge, I spotted two unique features of the New Territories: (1) the lady gardener on the right with her modified New Territories hat (keeps out the sun and the rain), and (2) a lady artist on the left.  One is a common sight and the other is rare.

 MG 7861 2 3

Suddenly I found myself surrounded by other photographers; but they'd come prepared with huge telescopic lens to photograph these magnificent red cotton flower trees.  The red flowers have a plastic-like quality to them, and they don't last long on the branches, but they are stunning to look at.

 MG 7867

 MG 7879

 MG 7882

 MG 7893

 MG 7896

This area of the New Territories has been prone to annual flooding, so there are extensive concrete nullahs designed to hold the excess water coming down from the north.

 MG 7870 1 2

Returning back towards Kam Sheung Road MTR station, I found lots of bicycles and then possibly their owners?

 MG 7903 4 5

Here, outside Exit B, they hold a weekend market.  Do visit some time for the variety of goods on sale.  I bought some delicious local honey comb, and would go back for more except it is so far away from where I live.

 MG 7858 59 60

 MG 7915 6 7

 MG 7912

 MG 7909

 MG 7906

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