Lei Tung

 MG 1205

I had no expectations of what to see at Lei Tung until I read the station map and realised that I would come out at Ap Lei Chau Waterfront Promenade, which is right opposite Aberdeen harbour on the southwestern tip of Hong Kong island.

 MG 1213

Looking to the right on leaving Exit A1…

 MG 1216

Looking to the left on leaving Exit A1…

 MG 1225

And, looking back at the station entrance, and spotting a roasted meat shop…..

 MG 1228 MG 1222

Everything about the streets and shops around here tells you that you are in the centre of marine activities. There are shops selling ropes and pulleys, and fish is left out to dry on top of any available surface.

 MG 1399 MG 1396

 MG 1408 MG 1405

Lei Tung gives access to the Ap Lei Chau waterfront, with many interesting sites to see….

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