Kennedy Town

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Kennedy Town MTR station is currently the western-most station on the Island Line, and it has this amazing Station Art which attracts everyone as they walk by. Even your photographer got in the photo-taking business here!

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Kennedy Town MTR station has gleaming new escalators to take you upwards to street level.

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Here’s the view as you come out of Exit A. The colour of the older buildings outside of the staton have been mirrored in the tiling pattern of the pavement.

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Looking to the left out of Exit A of Kennedy Town MTR station.

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Looking to the right out of Exit A of Kennedy Town MTR station.

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Looking way across the road, I could see Victoria Harbour in the distance, so ventured towards it as the sun started to shine.

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On the way to the sea, I passed through the old Smithfield Food Market.

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It does not matter how long I’ve lived in Hong Kong, wet markets still have their surprises. These pig scalps hung through their snouts was grim; apologies for the out of focus photo, but I could not hang around here as well!

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Kennedy Town seems to be the land of tall thin high-rise buildings.

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Could this Fire Truck reach to the top?

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The New Praya was delightful; people were sitting around chatting, walking dogs, and fishing.

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And, recycling!

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