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Shatin MTR station is an integral part of New Town Plaza.  Exit A1 takes you to the bus terminus and an expansive view beyond towards the hills housing the Ten Thousand Buddhas Temple.

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It is unusual to see Hong Kong minibuses looking orderly!  Normally, they are racing along the roads to terrify passengers and motorists alike.

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Here are examples of New Territories' village houses.  These are three-story (!) buildings of 750 sq. ft. floor area, as prescribed by the Hong Kong Government for the indigenous peoples of the New Territories.

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New Territories village houses come in a variety of styles; here we see them intermixed with glossy new buildings on the right, and a much older tiled roof building on the left.

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Coming up the ramp way from ground level below the bus terminus.

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Looking leftwards from the end of the ramp way at the rails of the East Rail Line.

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Passengers at the entrance to Shatin MTR station.

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 MG 0375

An MTR promotional poster?

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A slightly different set of views from out of Exit A1 from Shatin MTR station, looking left, straight ahead, and right.

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