Tai Wo Hau

 MG 7170

Tai Wo Hau MTR station on the Tsuen Wan Line is one of the oldest stations in the New Territories.

Coming up from Exit A you end up in a park which was full of surprises.

 MG 7177

Looking straight ahead when coming out of Exit A of Tai Wo Hau MTR station.

 MG 7179 80 81

As I entered the park, I heard the faint but beautiful sounds of a classical guitar.  Perhaps he was not allowed to practise at home?

 MG 7194

Then looking around to the right and across Castle Peak Road.

 MG 7185 6 7

 MG 7215 6 7

In the park were fragrant Bauhenia trees; this is the national flower of Hong Kong.

 MG 7188

And the classical street sweeper's trolley …...

 MG 7197 8 9

…… and a keep fit machine, looking a little under-used.

 MG 7203 4 5

Up at the back of Exit A of To Wai Hau MTR station is Kwok Shui Raod, and some low rise terrace houses.  These are a rare sight in the New Territories and look back to the older times of semi-rural life.

 MG 7206 7 8

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 MG 7224 5 6

 MG 7230

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