Yau Ma Tei

 MG 0898

Yau Ma Tei MTR station is the western terminus of the Kwun Tong Line as well as an interchange station on the Tsuen Wan Line.

When you come out of Exit A1, you are straight into Pitt Street; there is no 'looking right' or 'looking left' from this Exit A1 of Yau Ma Tei MTR station.

 MG 0907

And what you see straight away are motorbikes parked in a line and policemen checking out the parked cars.

 MG 0913 4 5

Looking back towards Exit A1; Nathan Road is the other side of the blue shaft.

 MG 0946 7 8

As Pitt Street was the only route form Exit A1, I walked a little further and looked down Portland Street which crosses Pitt Street.  Here there is a full mixture of building styles, and some charming old noodle shops.

 MG 0949 50 51

 MG 0955 6 7

 MG 0958 59 60

 MG 0964 5 6

 MG 0967 8 9

The view from Exit A1 of Yau Ma Tei MTR station provided a lot of interesting people to look at …...

 MG 0910

 MG 0920

 MG 0925

…… and a snack shop selling typical Chinese snacks of squid balls, assorted eggs, and egg sandwiches with crust-less soft white bread.  But why is the shopkeeper holding a handbag?

 MG 0934

 MG 0932

 MG 0935

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