Wu Kai Sha

Wu Kai Sha MTR station is the northeastern terminus of the Ma On Shan line; truely the end of the line.

 MG 6046 7

 MG 6048 49 50

Exit A1 of Wu Kai Sha MTR station takes you over Sai Sha Road towards a construction site.

 MG 6054 5 6

From above the road, you can see the MTR viaduct as it enters the station.  On the road sign you might spot Whitehead; the Whitehead Detention Camp was famous in the 1990's for housing about 9,000 Vietnamese boat people after their escape from the war.

 MG 6060 1 2

Looking over Tolo Harbour.

 MG 6090 1 2

Over Sai Sha Road to the new construction changing the look of this remote area for ever.  Wu Kai Shan village is out of the other side of the MTR station.

 MG 6066 7 8

 MG 6069 70 71

 MG 6072 3 4

 MG 6084 5 6

Glad to see they are trying to save some of the flora of the region.  The Delonix regia is otherwise known as the Flame tree with its huge bunches of red/orange flowers.

 MG 6081 2 3

Back inside Wu Kai Sha MTR station you can see plenty of estate agent hordings, as clearly there are a lot of new housing developments out here at the end of the line.

 MG 6087 8 9

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