Fo Tan

 MG 0439 40 41

Exit A from Fo Tan MTR station takes you on to Lok King Street.

 MG 0442 3 4

Looking right from Exit A of Fo Tan MTR station.  This is a quiet area at the best of times, but today is a Sunday so not much happening at all.

 MG 0445 6 7

Looking left from Exit A of Fo Tan MTR station with the Government Housing blocks on the left of Lok King Street and the new private development of The Palazzo complex on the right side of the road.

 MG 0448 49 50

 MG 0451 2 3

Looking back at Exit A of Fo Tan MTR station from across Lok King Street.

 MG 0454 5 6

 MG 0457 8 9

 MG 0460

A reminder of how colourful the station platforms are along the East Rail Line.

 MG 0462 3 4

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