Siu Hong

 MG 8233

Siu Hong MTR station is on the West Rail Line, and was built on the Tuen Mun nullah.

Exit A of Sui Hong MTR station takes you to Brilliant Garden.

 MG 8236 7 8

Not sure if this is Brilliant Garden (looking leftwards out of Exit A)?

 MG 8239 40 41

But I think this is Siu Hong Court (looking rightwards out of Exit A).

 MG 8242 3 4

The transport interchange area outside Exit A of Siu Hong MTR station is extravagantly spacious.

 MG 8245 6 7

 MG 8248 49 50

 MG 8260 1 2

Looking downwards from the right hand side of Exit A of Siu Hong MTR station you can see the Light Railway and one of the small carriages shuttling passengers around Siu Hong and Tuen Mun in the western New Territories.

 MG 8254 5 6

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