Lai King

 MG 6975 6 7

Lai King MTR station is an interchange station with the Tseun Wan Line.

As I head towards Exit A1, I look up at some more spectacular MTR art suspended from the ceiling.

 MG 6978 79 80

Here is the view coming out of Exit A1 of Lai King MTR station, onto Lai King Hill Road.

 MG 6981 2 3

Looking at those building further to the right.  Hanging clothes out to dry on poles sticking out of your window is an efficient means to cool down a building.

 MG 6996 7 8

Looking leftwards out of Exit A1…….

 MG 6984 5 6

Looking straight across and upwards…...

 MG 6990 1 2

Looking back at Exit A1; people are gather for some demo of sorts.

 MG 7002

 MG 7008 09 10

 MG 7005 6 7

I took a detour to see what was around the other side of Lai King MTR station.  Here is looking rightwards you can see a massive highway with the container terminals in the distance.

 MG 7014 5 6

 MG 7017 8 9

The interchange nature of this station is more obvious in the next three photos where you can spot different trains coming into Lai King MTR station.

 MG 7041 2 3

 MG 7044 5 6

 MG 6974

Here is looking leftwards coming back into the station.

 MG 7053 4 5

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