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Whampoa is now the new eastern terminus of the Kwun Tong Line (since 2016). Whampoa Gardens were built on the former site of Whampoa Dockyards and have a unique boat-shaped shopping mall. Sadly, the shopping mall did not appear to be near Exit A1 and I did not have time to hunt it down. On the station platform are huge paintings by Mr. Lam Tung-pang, featuring the history of the local communities.

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On exiting Whampoa MTR station via Exit A1 you come to Mun Siu Street, but the outlook is uninspiring!

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And just to the right were local politicians doing their thing, also uninspiring!

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Something I had never seen in my previous 24 years of living in Hong Kong…… a car getting a ticket from a policeman! And, a car with double number plates, meaning that it could be driven on the mainland as well as in Hong Kong.

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Here is the view to the left on leaving Exit A…

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And just around the corner on the main road… I think the boat-shaped shopping mall might be down this way.

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Looking back towards the entrance to the station, and the less than friendly look received many times today.

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The streets around here are on a grid system, so here is a selection of street scenes. To start with, food shops! Hong Kongers seem to love queing for the latest food trend which seemed to be egg waffles stuffed with all sorts of things, and brown sugar drinks. Actually, egg waffle balls were very popular from old style Hong Kong street vendors; maybe they have been tidied away off the streets?

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Soaring above the small scale side streets were the infamous tower blocks of Hong Kong and their external air-cooling devices known as washing poles!

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I ventured down one side street tempted by the smell of fresh fruit. But I did have to give a pass on the orange squid and things-on-a-stick stall.

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