City One

Exit A from City One MTR station almost tops my list as the most boring of all Exit A's.

 MG 6333 4 5

 MG 6339 40 41

Looking rightwards out of Exit A of City One MTR station.

 MG 6348 49 50

This station serves the Prince of Wales' Hospital, so I guess this is why it has wheelchair access?

 MG 6366 7 8

Looking leftwards from Exit A of City One MTR station.

 MG 6351 2 3

Looking obscurely towards one of the many housing blocks.

 MG 6360 1 2

Street level entertainment for the kids…...

 MG 6363 4 5

MTR level entertainment for the kids, although I think you weren't supposed to touch these art pieces…….

 MG 6375 6 7

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