Cheung Sha Wan

 MG 6723

Cheung Sha Wan MTR station is on the Tsuen Wan Line, and serves an older community.

Exit A1 takes you onto Tonkin Street.

 MG 6729 30 31

Looking rightwards out of Cheung Sha Wan MTR Exit A1.

 MG 6732 3 4

Looking back at Exit A1 of Cheung Sha Wan MTR station from walking down Tonkin Street.

 MG 6735 6 7

For somewhere which looked almost Soviet in style, there was life to be seen up above the road.  From street lights above a big crossroads (Tonkin Street and Cheung Sha Wan Road), pigeons were watching the wildlife below.

 MG 6747 8 9

 MG 6756

 MG 6750

Moving a little further way you can see these older apartment blocks with the beautiful corner buildings.  It is in between these buildings that you find the street markets and the life of this place.

 MG 3416 7 8

 MG 3419 20 21

 MG 3428 29 30

 MG 6762 3 4

 MG 3472 3 4

In Cheung Sha Wan it is easy to find noodle-making shops and roasting pigs.

 MG 3444

 MG 3450

 MG 3470

Before …...

IMG 3458

After …...

IMG 3459

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