South Horizons

 MG 1115

The station platform has a stunning mosiac mural, designed by Karen Pow Cheuk-mei and constructed with the help of local school children. You will find the walls of many MTR stations covered in small tiles, but nothing quite like this. There are 500,000 hand-painted tiles covering a space 40 metres long. My photos really do not do justice to this mural, but here they are anyway.

 MG 1121

 MG 1124

The South Horizons MTR station only has one Exit A, and this leads to the Ap Lei Chau Estate.

 MG 1130

Here is the view to the left on leaving Exit A…

 MG 1132

Looking back at the station entrance and some nearby tower blocks...

 MG 1138 MG 1135

 MG 1141

I walked down to the main road, and was confronted with more tower blocks, more road works, and a huge solid shopping mall called Marina Square East Centre.

 MG 1153

 MG 1156 MG 1150

 MG 1159

 MG 1162

Walking back to Exit A of South Horizons MTR station, I saw the entrance to Marina Square East Market and popped inside. This was a delightful little market where the food looked fresh and inviting. So here is a collection of images from inside the market.

 MG 1165

 MG 1172 MG 1169

 MG 1175 MG 1178

 MG 1184 MG 1181

 MG 1187

 MG 1202 MG 1195

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