Ma On Shan

Ma On Shan is what might be called a satellite town; overflowing with tower blocks housing thousands of people all wanting a view of the sea in the front and the mountains behind, but few having this luxury.  The following photos show you the consequence of building the Ma On Shan line as a viaduct; bleak lifeless streets.

 MG 6093 4 5

 MG 6153 4 5

Exit A1 of Ma On Shan MTR station takes you towards Ma On Shan Plaza.

 MG 6102 3 4

The station links to the shopping malls by walkways across Sai Sha Road; looking one way…...

 MG 6105 6 7

And, looking the other way.

 MG 6111 2 3

Looking upwards from street level.

 MG 6132 3 4

Down on street level…….

 MG 6129 30 31

…… you see boredom.

 MG 6126 7 8

No wonder people do not venture out of Ma On Shan Plaza.

 MG 6120 1 2

 MG 6141

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