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Olympic station is one of only two stations on the Tung Chung Line which are unique to this line (the other is Tung Chung station).

The platform walls are covered with these wonderful images of sporting activity.

 MG 8512

Olympic MTR station is a modern station on a modern line, so of course Exit A goes straight to a walkway in the Island Harbour View complex, with Exit A1 taking you to the Island Harbour View Bus Terminus.

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Looking out of Exit A in one direction, over Lin Cheung Road (West Kowloon Highway) towards West Kowloon and the harbour…...

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…….. and in the other direction towards inland Kowloon.

 MG 8521 2 3

Looking upwards at the combination of old, new and newer.

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Looking downwards towards this beautiful red cotton tree (it is March and Hong Kong trees are stunning at this time of year).

 MG 8536

Down at street level, you see the absence of life…...

 MG 8545 6 7

……. only other people around were these ladies on their break.

 MG 8556

Coming back into Exit A1 of Olympic MTR station.

 MG 8542 3 4

As there was no one else around, here's a shot of the photographer.

 MG 8557 8 9

And this is a lunchtime shot; looks more like the end of the world!

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