Ocean Park

 MG 1472

Before the opening of the South Island Line, locals and visitors alike would have a complicated journey to Ocean Park by road. But now it is so easy to get there from the heart of Hong Kong in Admiralty. The station colour is blue to match the ocean, with silvery sculptures and mosiac animals on the station pillars.

 MG 1474

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Exit A leads you to the Aberdeen Sports Ground area, which is the least interesting of the two exit options here at Ocean Park MTR stations.

 MG 1487

Here is the view to the left towards the public transport interchange...

 MG 1480

And the view to the right on leaving through Exit A...

 MG 1495

And the view looking back at the station entrance...

 MG 1498

And here is a glimpse of the sports ground for completion…

 MG 1513

From ground level here you do get a good view of the Ocean Park logo on the green hillside.

 MG 1501

Being so close to Ocean Park, I just had to take a walk through Exit B but opted not to go into the park on this afternoon. I have visited the park several times during my residence in Hong Kong, and my favourite bits were the dolphins and the huge fish tanks. Suffering from motion sickness means I do not enjoy amusement parks in general.

 MG 1516

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