Kwai Fong

 MG 7057

Kwai Fong MTR station is on the Tsuen Wan Line.

Exit A takes you to New Kwai Fong Gardens, but first you have to pass by the many food stalls before you can get outside.

 MG 7063

 MG 7066

 MG 7075

Here are a group of 'elderlys' heading out to catch a bus.  They are all carrying the pink bags full of what I wonder?

 MG 7081

This is the view when you get onto the main street after leaving Exit A of Kwai Fong MTR station.

 MG 7083

And here is looking rightwards…...

 MG 7086

…… and leftwards.

 MG 7089

Everyone seems to be heading for the Metroplaza shopping mall.  Notice the young age group of the local residents.

 MG 7096

If you come out at the other end of Kwai Fong MTR station, you can get to the Kwai Tsing Theatre.  This theatre stages a lot of classical Cantonese shows, but is also used as a venue for the Hong Kong International Arts Festival and the Hong Kong International Film Festival, forcing Hong Kongers to travel somewhere new.

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