Kowloon Bay

 MG 5493

Kowloon Bay MTR station is on the Kwun Tong Line but you cannot see Kowloon Bay from here. This station is overground and is where the MTR Corporation first started its venture into property development with the building of Telford Gardens.

Exit A of Kowloon Bay MTR station takes you under Kwun Tong Road towards the MTR Tower.  

 MG 5494 5 6

Here's looking rightwards out of Exit A of Kowloon Bay MTR station …...

 MG 5497 8 9

…… and here's looking straight across Kwun Tong Road.

 MG 5500 1 2

Everywhere you look at are tower after tower of residential buildings and new blocks in the making.

 MG 5503 4 5

 MG 5521 2 3

 MG 5533 4 5

 MG 5542 3 4

 MG 5524

 MG 5527

 MG 5512

Coming back into Kowloon Bay MTR station.

 MG 5516

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