Kwai Hing

 MG 7119

Kwai Hing MTR station is on the Tsuen Wan Line.

Exit A takes you to Kwai Hing Estate.

 MG 7128

Looking rightwards out of Exit A of Kwai Hing MTR station, and you can see the Sun Kwai Hing Plaza beneath the Government Offices.

 MG 7164 5 6

Looking leftwards out of Exit A of Kwai Hing MTR station and I think this is the Sun Kwai Hing Garden estate across the road.

 MG 7134

Looking straight across from Exit A …...

 MG 7140

…… and looking back at Exit A from the Kwai Hing Road.

 MG 7149 50 51

Wondering a little further along wide roads and little alley ways.

 MG 7146 7 8

 MG 7155

 MG 7152

 MG 7158

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