Wong Tai Sin

Wong Tai Sin MTR station is on the Kwun Tong Line.

Exit A shares Exit E and is the western exit of Wong Tai Sin MTR station.  It takes you to a dull Lung Cheung Road, which brightened up considerably when I returned to leave later in the afternoon.

 MG 5799

 MG 5976 7 8

Exits around Wong Tai Sin MTR station come onto a side plaza with views all around.

 MG 5937 8 9

 MG 5970 1 2

In the distance here is the Lion Rock through which passes the Lion Rock tunnel taking traffic from the New Territories into Kowloon.

 MG 5949 50 51

Not sure what building here justified the flying of both the Hong Kong SAR flag and the PRC flag.

 MG 5945

At the far end of the plaza, and across Shatin Pass Road, I was surprised to see classical squater homes so close to 'modern' Wong Tai Sin.

 MG 5961

On leaving Exit A of Wong Tai Sin MTR station, I could hear the sound of dance music and could see groups of youngsters practising dance moves.  Each took their turn on stage with quite a large and varied audience.

 MG 5801

 MG 5805

 MG 5810

 MG 5813

 MG 5817

Here is one of the entrances to Wong Tai Sin Temple, which was very busy on this grey day.

 MG 5825

The route into the temple complex was lined with shops selling trinkets and charms.

 MG 5829

 MG 5831

 MG 5849

All the statues were used for photo opportunities.

 MG 5841

 MG 5843

 MG 5852

 MG 5858

Wong Tai Sin Temple is the largest in Hong Kong.

 MG 5864

 MG 5873

 MG 5876

 MG 5867

 MG 5882

 MG 5885

 MG 5888

 MG 5893

 MG 5913

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