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HKU (Hong Kong University) MTR station has the most impressive set of lifts, but no escalators, to get passengers up to street level.  Exit A1 takes you onto Pokfulam Road, or one floor up to the University buildings.

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First you have to walk passed Exit A, and through corridors lined with the history of HKU.  Plenty of tourists were here; a destination previously inaccessible before the building of this station.  Outside Exit A1 though was still much of a construction site.

Looking left up the hill at all the building works.

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I was fascinated by this digger, and wondered who/what this metal net was supposed to be used for?

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Construction works have a charm of their own!

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Looking to the right out of Exit A1 of HKU MTR station.

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Even amongst the rather drab grey buildings, there were signs of ‘beautification’; take these curved metal balcony features:

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