Heng On

Heng On MTR station; what can I say?  Bleak in the extreme, despite the colourful interior of the station!

 MG 6165 6 7

 MG 6159 60 61

Exit A is for Vista Paradiso, a rather optimistically named housing complex.

 MG 6174 5 6

Exit A also provides Renaissance College with its own entrance; this must be the only school in Hong Kong with its own MTR exit.

 MG 6177 8 9

When you get outside onto the street, it is concrete and barbed wire paradise.

 MG 6183 4 5

 MG 6186 7 8

Looking back down towards Exit A.

 MG 6195 6 7

Moving a little further afield in search of something interesting…….

 MG 6189 90 91

Here you can see the water tower of the Chinese University of Hong Kong in the distance.

 MG 6192 3 4

By walking through housing estates, you end up by the Shing Mun river and the Ma On Shan waterfront.  Here you are looking towards Sha Tin in the distance.  Quite a few joggers were out on this January day.  Although there were seats for the weary, there was no snack shop in sight and a long walk to cut back through the apartment blocks back to Heng On MTR station.

 MG 6216 7 8

Across the Sing Mun river is the Chinese University of Hong Kong to the left, and the Science Park to the right.

 MG 6222 3 4

 MG 6228

Heading back towards Heng On MTR station.

 MG 6231 2 3

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