East Rail Line

Shatin buildings

Shatin - Typical 3-storey New Territories housing with proscribed floor space of 750 sq.ft. Illegal awnings were frequently added to make a fourth covered floor space.

Tai Wo - 1960’s style housing estates

Tai Wo buildingsTai Wo buildings-2

Racecourse - Hong Kong had two racecourse, the oldest in Happy Valley and the younger one here in the New Territories outside Shatin. Shown below is probably the most expensive paddock cover in the world! The Hong Kong Jockey Club was the principal charitable organisation in Hong Kong; thus gambling helped the poor!


Mong Kok East - a densley packed street-level shopping and residential district, now undergoing an upgrade.

Mong Kok East buildings

Kowloon Tong - strategic transport hub between the New Territories and Hong Kong Island, and an extremely desirable residential area.

Kowloon Tong buildings

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